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Welcome, newbie! Congrats on a wise decision to join the masters. The path before you is full of excitement, and gains. But be aware – today you start gaining skills in the most profitable magic in the world. We are here to reward your wilingness. May the wisdom be with you!

Apprentice: Benefits


You took the first step small for a mankind, but gigantic for your own gain. Let us offer some benefits, so that you take more than just memories from this unforgetable journey. Keep on going, journeyman!

Journeyman Benefits


You are doing great, but we do believe that you are yet to blow our minds. Being an Artisan means that you have already developed some magical skills. Now we are talking! Here are some perks to enjoy for being so marvelous.



Well, look at you! Kudos to your master rank! Are you aware that this is a defining moment – will you go for the ultimate Grandmaster level? Take your time. In the meantime, let us stimulate you with the master perks.

Hall of Fame:


Hats off to you! We are especially proud when we see a player turned Grandmaster. Now, all you need to do is keep the fire burning! Allow us to offer these perks to you, your Grandness!

Grandmaster Benefits
Terms & Conditions
General Terms and Conditions Applied to VIP Program:

Restricted Games: All Progressive Games, RTG777 Slot, Baccarat, Craps, Pontoon Blackjack, Red Dog, Roulette, Sic Bo and War

The Player acknowledges that all terms and conditions applied to the VIP program and stated herein supplement the Overall Terms and Conditions stated on this web site and stand for the full and binding agreement between the Casino and the Player.

The Player is responsible for checking the possible changes in the Terms and Conditions section (including the VIP Program section), which may happen from time to time, as the Casino reserves the right to modify them, when necessary.

Furthermore, the Player undeniably accepts the following specific terms:

  • 100 points can be changed for $1 (25x max cashout from converted points).
  • Fortnightly cashback: 30x wagering, 5x max cash out

The Player also acknowledges the following general terms:

Unless stated otherwise, a Player has the right to only one promotion at any one time.

All promotions are limited to one per Player, family, address, credit card number, and computer and shared computers (i.e. university, fraternity, school, public library or workplace), unless otherwise previously agreed with the Casino.

The information which the Casino will use in order to determine the identity of a Player includes the following: Player name, mailing address, e-mail, IP address, credit-or-charge-card number, computer, telephone number or any other forms of identification that may be required and applicable.

The Player accepts the fact that the Casino may limit the number of bonuses that can be given to a participant.

Terms of the promotions will remain in effect up to the moment the withdrawal from the promotion is made.

The Casino is committed to fair gaming and therefore has set limits on maximum bet allowed for all bonus promotions. Unless specifically stated differently in the promotion itself, such limit is set at $/€ 10. Should a Player bet above this amount, the possible winnings will be considered void.

It is not permitted to either redeem or make withdrawals on WELCOME BONUSES, FREE MONEY NO DEPOSIT BONUSES or MATCH BONUSES in case the Player is from one of the following countries: Estonia, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan, Poland, Moldova, Tajikistan, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles.

All accounts that have a greater deposit to withdrawal ratio for the previous month (Deposit to Withdrawal ratio shows a loss) will qualify for our Fortnightly Cash Back. A player is eligible to receive the cashback percentage deriving from the difference in amounts of last month's deposits and withdrawals (and depending on the specified class).

If the cashback promotion isn't credited due to active balance (balance above $1) the player must request it. Otherwise the bonus will not be credited and will be lost.

Fortnightly Cash Back will be processed automatically.


Fortnightly Cash Back will be processed by the end of the month between 00:01 - 23:59. If you miss this window you can visit us next Month to receive your next month’s Fortnightly Cash Back

Fortnightly Cash Back CANNOT be carried over between months and accumulated.

Fortnightly Cash Back has 30x wagering, 5x max cash out.


All terms stated above are non-negatable and no exception will be made. These promotions are our way of leveling the playing fields and for you to try and win your loses back. These promotions are not to be used to take unfair advantage or abuse the casino or the rules. If at any point we find that you are trying to manipulate or abuse these promotions will be excluded your account and you will no longer be eligible for either or both promotions (Depending on the decision made by management). We reserve the right to exclude you from this promotion without prior notice. We ask please that you keep to the terms stated above.

Minimum Reward amount for Fortnightly Cashback is $5. Cashback Rewards for amounts lower than this limit will not be honored.

Apprentice Benefits:
  • 5% fortnightly cashback,
  • $15,000 daily payout limit,
  • $50,000 weekly payout limit,
  • Comp Earnings 1 per $20 wagered.
Journeyman Benefits:
  • 6% fortnightly cashback,
  • $15,000 daily payout limit,
  • $50,000 weekly payout limit,
  • Comp Earnings 1.33 per $20 wagered.
Artisan Benefits:
  • 7% fortnightly cashback,
  • $15,000 daily payout limit,
  • $50,000 weekly payout limit,
  • Comp Earnings 2 per $20 wagered.
Master Benefits:
  • 8% fortnightly cashback,
  • $15,000 daily payout limit,
  • $50,000 weekly payout limit,
  • Comp Earnings 4 per $20 wagered.
Grandmaster Benefits:
  • 10% fortnightly cashback,
  • $15,000 daily payout limit,
  • $50,000 weekly payout limit,
  • Comp Earnings 4 per $20 wagered.
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